Monday, February 9, 2009

Plumbers and squatters and bad taste oh my!

All the boys got gift cards and moolah for their birthdays, which means: a trip to the mall! Yay, right? Things were going along fine until this:

Since when did plumber’s apparel become mainstream? This wasn’t at a uniform shop, oh no, this was at Simba’s favorite store Forever 21. Forever Plunger Butt is more like it. For years, as a parent, I have harped for the spawn to either pull their pants up or pull their shirts down. I am not a fan of the skin belt or the plumber’s crack. Am I wrong? I didn’t think so until I saw that mannequin in their window. Can you imagine all the young folks looking at that mannequin saying, “Come on Tiffany, you would look, like, so hot, with your crack hangin’ out in those jeans.” Notice how the manny next to crack manny is turned away with her arms thrown in the air in disgust. She must be the mommy manny and that manny has given up ya'll. Just totally given up and who can blame her.

I was so taken aback by the crack manny that I failed to notice this until Buttercup pointed it out:

It might be hard to see but that manny's panties are showing. Panties. Showing. Didn't that manny's mommy tell her to sit squat like a lady? In the name of all things named Britney Spears is it really necessary to see manny panties if you arent shopping at Victoria's Secret? And if you are contemplating actually purchasing that skirt: don't. If you find yourself with a need to squat and your drawers are gonna show it is pretty simple: you don't squat or wear something that actually covers ya up! I can understand that Forever 21 may sell drawers but this the only marketing idea they could come up with?

As a parent it is my job to raise my children to be intelligent and responsible adults. I like to think I am raising the next generation of Condi Rice's or Hillary Clinton's. I don't think those mannies are ever gonna rise to any occassion higher than asking if you want fries with that order. So come on Forever 21 already, put a nice poly pant suit on your mannies and call it a day!



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