Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Way back Wednesday: The Computer Edition

Matt circa 1982ish with the Commodore 64.

Back before we knew the lingo.

When Brittania rocked our world!

We were cutting edge, inputting our own games too.

Back when the @ sign was still 'The 'Coca-cola bottle sign'.

5 inch disks were the upgrade from the datasette, the compact disc wasn't around yet.

Lookie, there is an actual joystick in that picture too!

We spent years of our lives playing Zork and Dad* wanting us to map it all out.

16 bit color.

320X200 screens.

We won't even discuss the panelling on the wall.

But man, those were the good old days.

64k memory up from the Vic 20's 20k ram. Talk about speed and storage!

Oh, I almost forgot: price back in the day was $595.

*I'm sure somewhere packed away is my Dad's Commodore 128, he still was saving his 5 inch disks last I checked.



Cutting edge stuff!

I'm sure we could add some memory and upgrade something and that would be good as new :)


Never knew that pic was taken......I probably didn't notice due to the hordes of Orc's, skeletons and Zombies attacking me!

Ultima III was one of the best RPGs made! Iolo! Iolo! Witherest hast thou gone?

Now if I had only used that time to further my studies (you can stop laughing now!) I'd be a brain surgeon or something!

Putting 'I beat Ultima III' on my resume doesn't sound so great. :/


I think I ramble alot.


I use that with the boys: if you can remember every key change in Guitar Hero 1-3, you should have no problem memorizing where Peru is, or who was our 23rd President.

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