Friday, February 25, 2011

Mrs. Oh and the Camping Maxine

I'm home. I'll write more about that later on - just know I am okay with nothing life threatening that they could find at least. Right now I wanted to share this with all y'alls.
Remember last month's camping picture of You Shall Not Plaid....I am sensing a camping theme of plaids here for Chewie. When I pointed his plaidness out to him he said when he gets married he was going to have a plaid wedding cake and would wear plaid to his wedding. Good luck with that one son.

And y'all have to click on the above picture. I noticed this gal while we were packing up camp on Monday. Is it me or is she the spittin' image of Maxine? Chewie thinks I am going to burn in hell for posing him just to get a picture of her....but come on: she is SO Maxine!
Thanks for all the well wishes and e-mails! Love you all.


So glad you are home from the hospital and can get some sleep. Did they find out why your heart hurts? Rest up and GET WELL.

Sadie from BBPland

PS - How's Elvis/Pete?

Mrs. Oh, I'm so glad you're home. I always look for you in BBPLand and had missed you. Love your camping pics--and totally Maxine.

She is Maxine. That photo cracked me up. So glad you are home, probably not as glad as you, right? Take it easy and let your body heal.

I read on the Pie that you found a good home for Elvis AKA Pete. How wonderful for Elvis/Pete and his new owners. Will you have visitation rights? I'm sorry for your sadness, but you should be both a proud foster mom and a proud animal rescuer who saved Elvis/Pete's life.

Sadie from BBPland

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