Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the red...

It has been a while since we have had a Way Back Wednesday here at the Half Empty Glass.

Me and Boo Radley, 1939ish in Michigan

As you may know, the pain with being a bottled red-head is the fact that the color fades so quickly. So on Sunday it was dye day at the Tobey Ranch. Afterwards this occured:

Tobey: Maybe you should let it go back natural
Mrs. Oh: *gasp* Um. I don't know what color it is naturally any more.
Tobey: More reason to go back natural.

Now my natural hair (or the last time it was seen) has been described as being 'graham cracker brown' or ' graham cracker blonde' and that doesn't describe anything pretty in my book. Who rants over the graham cracker? In s'mores? No one raves about the graham cracker - it is always the marshmallow or the chocolate that steals the show. Cheesecake? Who raves about the crust? Being described as a graham cracker is nothing to brag about in my book.

So I tell Tobey that my natural hair color is just to 'plain'. If I were to go back to my natural color (dyed of course) I would need to choose either blonde again or brown and I do not look good as a brunette. Something about the day-glo-in-the-dark skin color I sport coupled with brown hair makes me look all Team Edward.

And Tobey says, "You could never be plain."

Yeah. I know......

He is such a good liar!



Now, that couldn't have been 1939ish as that would make you well into your 70s, unless you are very well preserved.

I think it was actually 1968ish. But I feel like I am in my 70's!

We had that green chair forever!


If it were up to Dad we still would have it too!

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