Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Way Back Wednesday: The GrandTobey

Just a few of my favorite pictures of Tobey's dad: The GrandTobey

Tobey, GrandTobey and friend at our old church's Annual Chili Cook-Off. See I told you they look like twins. And no, despite downloading the recipe for and cooking the World's Best Chili Cook-Off winning recipe: we didn't win. I would say it was rigged...but it was at the church.

GrandTobey rockin' a serious Mad Men look.

I love this one. He looks like he could have been an extra on Columbo, Kojack or Streets of San Fransisco. Bum-chicka-bow-wow!

Another Mad Men pose.

You just know he was waiting on PonyBoy and SodaPop Curtis to come pick him up.


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